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Ignite Your Child’s Passion For Learning

No child learns exactly the same way, which is why the Montessori program is designed to give your little one the opportunity to realize their own individual learning style and discover the joy such education can bring.

What is the Montessori Program?

The Montessori Method is an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It combines theory and practice, encompassing ideas, principles, techniques and materials which inform and guide child-learning programs.

The five subject areas of the Montessori curriculum are: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and culture.

Why choose a Montessori preschool for your child?

Our highly-trained, Montessori-certified teachers understand the importance of nurturing and providing quality care for our students. We use innovative methods to help children develop critical thinking skills and a strong sense of independence.

There are many reasons why you should consider a Montessori education for your child, including:

  • It seeks to educate the child as a whole
  • The Montessori program uses developmentally appropriate methods for more successful learning outcomes
  • It builds a natural love for learning
  • It focuses on the individual child and their unique potential
  • The safe, enjoyable environment prepares children for future academic and social excellence
  • All Montessori teachers are positive, encouraging and value each individual child

IPC Curriculum For Better Learning  

Along with the Montessori method, our students also receive a research and scientifically-based IPC curriculum. This is a professional association of more than 100 schools worldwide, designed to strengthen and enhance childhood education standards.

It has many benefits, including:

  • The curriculum is research-based, ensuring that your child’s brain and skills are developing as a whole.
  • The IPC is internationally recognized for meeting and surpassing all curricula requirements.
  • Over 130 different thematic units of learning are designed to appeal to your child’s unique interests, helping them learn more about the world around them.

Program Details

At What Age Should My Child Attend a Montessori Preschool?

At Grey Matter Montessori, our preschool program is designed for children aged 3-6 years. However, a child may start as early as 2 years and 10 months, depending on their level of maturity and approval from the directors. (The student must turn 3 by November of the school year.)

Note: All registered students must be fully potty-trained.

Class Sessions & Fees

Grey Matter Montessori follows the Calgary Board of Education Modified Calendar. The typical school year begins mid-August and runs until the end of June the following year. If the space is available, we accept students throughout the school year.

The 2017/18 calendar can be found here.


Our Montessori school operates Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 11:30am and 12:30pm to 3:30pm. Our students can attend one 3-hour session a day, with the option of attending either 2, 3 or 5 days/ week.

What we recommend: We find that at this young age, 3 hours is a perfect amount of time for our students to maximize learning. We do recommend the 5 days a week program, as our students benefit the most from the routine of coming to school every day.

School Fees

At Grey Matter Montessori, we strive to provide affordable and quality education to our students in Calgary. Our school fees are as follows:

  • 2 days per week class (held on Tuesday & Thursday) - $449/month
  • 3 days per week class (held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday) - $499/month
  • 5 days per week class (held Monday-Friday) - $549/month

Yearly tuition will be billed monthly on the 1st of each month by credit card. There is a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee and a $150 NON-REFUNDABLE materials fee per school year.

All new registrations will be charged at time of enrollment:

  • Registration fee
  • Materials fee
  • First month's payment
  • Last month's payment

Please note that this payment is non-refundable.

School Uniforms

All of our Montessori students are required to wear a school uniform. We believe that this promotes a place of undisturbed learning and develops a strong sense of community within the school environment.

Our standard uniform is a Grey Matter Montessori polo shirt with the choice of navy pants, skirt or tunic. Black or grey non-marking indoor shoes are also required.


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